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Complete Equipment Certification     

For Instructors wishing to become Pilates Certified in the all the Pilates Apparatus. We also offer the ability to get take all levels at once or you can choose to do one level at a time. All applicants are required to be a certified mat Instructor to enter this course.

 Available Course Dates: 

 Basic Equipment: Each session consists of four Saturdays & four Sundays
           Session 1
  1. July 2021

  2. TBA

  3. TBA

  4. TBA


 Intermediate Equipment: Each session consists of two Saturdays & Sundays
Tuition: $1000

Session 1

  1. TBA

  2. TBA


 Advanced Equipment: Each session consists of one Saturday & Sunday
Session 1           
  1. TBA


 Complete equipment: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced- $3200

 Hours: Saturday & Sunday: 9-6pm

 Course Objectives:

  • Complete break down of each exercise

  • Fundamental principals that apply to all Pilates exercises  

  • How to recognize correct and incorrect movement and form

  • How to recognize the cause of incorrect movement and form

  • Effective communication via verbal & tactile cueing, demonstration and imagery skills

  • How to assess a clients needs and develop a program based on that assessment

  • Basic anatomy as it pertains to each exercise

  • How to adapt an exercise for a clients