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Here is what a few of our students have to say about our program:

Pilates Certification of North Carolina has proven to be the greatest asset I have in my ability to teach Pilates.  Roxann Woods is a thorough and expert instructor who truly teaches the RIGHT WAY to do the exercises.  She has instilled the philosophy of correctness vs speed and safety above all else.  I have been able to acquire an instructor position out of state and am confident that my training through, Pilates Certification Center of North Carolina, has absolutely prepared me on all levels to be the best that I can be.  I am exceedingly grateful for Roxann's time and dedication to my future in Pilates."

-Caroline S. / Westchester PA


Pilates Certification of NC is not just a course, but a true apprenticeship. Roxann teaches you the craft of Pilates, the fundamentals of movement, and why Pilates is done as it is. Beyond this, she continues to coach you to become the best and most effective instructor you can be. A true Pilates guru, I have benefited immensely from her vast knowledge, experience and unyielding dedication to proper form. I cannot imagine being simply "trained" anywhere else. PC of NC will allow you to become a skilled practitioner who can not just "do" but also teach."

      -Amanda G. / Boston, MA


Basic Mat Pilates certification provided me with the tools and information that I need to be a successful mat instructor. Roxanne is extremely talented at breaking down exercises so you can clearly explain the exercise to others. I feel prepared to work with people of all ages, abilities and disabilities and know how to choose the best modifications and variations of each exercise to meet the needs of my different clients. The certification session was well organized, informative, and practical- the weekend flew by!. I also enjoyed the the chance to practice teaching during the certification to gain comfort explaining and cueing exercises. 

   -Stephanie L. / Raleigh, NC


Pilates Certification of North Carolina provided a great learning environment with knowledgeable instructors and state-of-the-art Pilates equipment.  It taught the fundamentals of Pilates and built upon those in order for an instructor to teach to a wide range of clients.  In addition to the exercises being thoroughly taught, the instructor goes over the benefits, precautions, and the certain muscles that are utilized with each exercise.  PC of NC teaches an instructor how to correct a client and when an exercise needs to be modified.  It also provides the instructor variations of an exercise to challenge a more skilled Pilates client.  Getting certified through Pilates Certification of North Carolina was a great choice, and I feel prepared to teach Pilates on both mat and equipment. 

-Mandy M. / Winston-Salem, NC


I have been practicing Pilates for over a decade, and I have been previously certified.  Now, after working with Roxann Woods at Pilates Certification of North Carolina, I have a completely new outlook on my avocation.  First, I truly feel qualified to teach Pilates the way it is supposed to be taught, approaching it from not only a mind/body perspective, but with careful explanation of the anatomical aspects of the art.  Second, I feel both actualized regarding the positive concepts I've learned and, more importantly, I learned SO MUCH from Roxann.  She has given me to tools to teach, but especially, the clarity to teach and practice Pilates such that my students and I get the most out of it that we possibly can.  I will return, despite the distance, to Roxann, for years to come.  If you want to learn to live, learn, practice and teach Pilates, I cannot imagine a better teacher to turn to.

-Sue Ball-Allsop / Columbia, SC